Online Certification Courses

Improve your craft with FilmSkills self-guided online courses. Packed with video tutorials, illustrated content, and quizzes, you can earn your personalized certificate when you achieve an 85% or higher. Each course is open for 3 months.

Screenwriting Course

Learn the step-by-step process of writing a script from top Hollywood writers. You will learn how to develop a marketable idea, create dynamic characters, unlock story structure, target your rewrites, and finally learn how to market your script. 

Final Draft Course

Final Draft is the industry’s leading screenwriting software. Final Draft Vice President of Sales, Zack Gutin, “Breaking Bad” script supervisor Jenn Carroll, screenwriter of “Now You See Me,” Eduard Ricourt, take you through the step-by-step guide to working with Final Draft.

Scheduling & Budgeting Course

Learn how to break down the script, create a shooting schedule, manage insurance requirements, and plan the budget from the producers and 1st ADs of Titanic, Avatar, Total Recall, and dozens of movies that have grossed billions at the box office.

Build Your Own Course

Mix and match lessons from all of our online courses to create your own. Learn what you want, when you want.  Choose either 5 lessons each month or 15 lessons each month.

Producing Course

Learn how to start and run a production company, raise money, manage payroll and production expenses, negotiate with vendors, work with unions, and hire the cast and crew, including, SAG-AFTRA actors from working Hollywood producers.

Production Design Course

Learn how to shape a convincing world around your characters, how to build a flat,  advanced set design and construction techniques.  Learn the skills to break down a script and design and dress a story-centric set, and the roles of the art department.

Safety Training Course

Improve the safety on set, reduce the risk of accidents, and protect yourself from liability. The FilmSkills Safety Training Course adapts the OSHA and California Safety Pass program for students, independent, non-union, and union crew persons. 

Camera and Lens Course

Unlock the full potential of your camera with of the most thorough and complete cinematography courses available. Whatever camera type you’re using – whether it’s a DSLR or Arri Alexa, learn cinematic techniques and  produce professional results.

Basic Lighting Course

Go on set with Emmy and Academy-Award-winning cinematographers as they teach you the art and craft of cinema lighting.  Get the cinematic look you want with Hollywood lighting techniques. Shot at Panavision Studios in Los Angeles.

Breaking Into the Industry

Learn how to start your career as a full time filmmaker! Over 100 A-list Hollywood filmmakers reveal how to break into the business and make a living as a professional filmmaker.  This course is a must if you want to work in the entertainment business. 

Advanced Lighting Course

Learn advanced techniques for reducing, softening and shaping light,  how to work with sublight, advanced key light techniques for feature films, commercials, and music videos, green screen cinematography, and advanced natural lighting techniques.

Cinematography Technique Course

Designed for both directors and cinematographers, the learn how to craft the frame, determine actors’ eye lines, shot types, and composition. Film and video techniques, analog and digital, working with aspect ratios, screen direction, and much more.

Grip and Rigging Course

Learn commonly-used grip equipment, proper rigging techniques, how and when to use clamps and stands, how to set-up dolly track and use a camera dolly, as well as the roles of the grip department from the time they get a phone call for a job to managing the politics on set.

Get Everything!

Are you interested in the entire filmmaking process? FilmSkills Unlimited features every course, PLUS 75 bonus video tutorials, equipment and software discounts, and more!

Directing Actors Course

Learn how to work with actors, run successful auditions, conduct rehearsals for best results, perform script breakdowns for story and character, how to avoid common directing mistakes, and direct extras from Emmy-winning Hollywood television and feature film directors.

Directors Craft Course

Learn the cinematic language and techniques for interpreting the story and crafting a visual experience.  Learn how to begin a project, break down the script for story and character, design the visual story, block actors, plan camera coverage, and storyboarding techniques.

Documentary Course

Learn the entire process of making a documentary, how to find the story, the right gear to choose, advanced interview  techniques, choosing the right locations, how to shoot effective B-roll, and finally how to build a well-paced, engaging story in the editing room.

Editing Course

Learn how to properly shoot your footage on set, when to cut from one shot to the next,  shot selection, how to create the emotion, data management workflows, building the assembly cut, rough cut, fine cut, online process, and color grading. 

Audio Post-Production Course

Learn the entire process from editing dialogue and ADR to creating realistic Foley sounds.  Learn how to work with a composer and license music, and finally how to mix everything together.  Learn the techniques and process of making perfect audio in post.

Marketing and Distribution Course

Learn how to successfully market your movie. Go behind the scenes of the American Film Market and the Sundance Film Festival to see how deals are struck, navigate the tricky waters of domestic and foreign distribution, and how to build a marketing strategy.

Questions? We have Answers!

Both subscriptions and courses access the same lessons, however we grouped all the lessons in a particular subject matter (such as Screenwriting, or Audio-Post Production) into its own course, allowing you to study a specific area of filmmaking.

Each course is more structured as we guide you through the material.  Each course also includes quizzes to test your knowledge, discussion boards to ask questions, and when you pass the course with 85% or better, a personalized Certificate of Completion.

Each course is completely self-guided, it’s completely up to you.  Some people complete a course in a weekend, and others take their time.

However you want to learn, you have 3 months to take full advantage of the awesome content in each course.

Each course contains between 10-15 lessons, and most lessons feature a 15-30 minute video taught by Hollywood filmmakers, illustrated tutorials, and in many instances, downloadable contracts, forms, and examples. You can learn more about lessons here.

Absolutely! You can click on a course above to learn more about it, then scroll to the bottom of the course page, and click on any lesson in that course to see a preview.

Yes!  When you pass a course with an 85% or better, you will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion that you can print out or save.  

And you will be added to the FilmSkills Certification Database so other industry professional can find you.

Do you want to learn everything?

We get it! There are so many exciting techniques to learn to improve your filmmaking skills, which is why we also built FilmSkills Unlimited which includes EVERYTHING from the above courses… plus an additional 75 lessons not found in any of the above courses.

If you’re serious about improving your craft, FilmSkills Unlimited is for you.