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Learn the art and craft of filmmaking from Emmy and Academy-Award-winning filmmakers at the film industry’s largest online training platform.

Learn the art and craft of filmmaking from Emmy and Academy-Award-winning filmmakers at the film industry’s largest online training platform.

What's Inside FilmSkills?

Our complete online filmmaking program is designed for beginning and intermediate filmmakers who want to learn every aspect of the filmmaking process. Emmy and Academy Award winning filmmakers take you onto the set from the birth of your idea through distribution in groundbreaking detail. 


Learn techniques for screenwriting, directing, cinematography, audio, editing, and distribution.


Learn what cameras, lighting, and audio gear you need, no matter what your budget.


Learn how to break into the business to make a living as a filmmaker.


Learn to write your script, direct actors, work with the crew, and realize your vision.

Go On Set with the Pros

Designed to help you improve your skills and get more work, FilmSkills content lessons are bursting with industry-leading tutorials from Hollywood’s top filmmakers.

  • Video tutorials shot on working sets
  • Learn from Oscar and Emmy winning filmmakers
  • Hundreds of illustrated tutorials
  • Downloadable contract, forms, and samples
  • Community discussion forums
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Used in over 72 top film schools
  • Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere
  • Certificates of completion
  • Hundreds of projects and exercises

Where your teacher has an Emmy, Academy Award, BAFTA, SAG Award....

FilmSkills takes you deep inside the inner workings of Hollywood to learn where film schools can't take you - the set itself.

Access lavishly illustrated how-to articles, downloadable industry resources, and most importantly, over 75 hours of video training featuring insider info from over 150 top Hollywood talent like the producers of Avatar, Steven Spielberg’s location managers, and over 70 Emmy and Academy Award winners and nominees.

Not only has FilmSkills been embraced by thousands of individual learners, it's also in use in over 72 top film schools like UCLA, Yale, and the Art Institute.

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"Just awesome!!! Jason is awesome!!! Want to learn filmmaking?? This is it!!!"
Adrian Tiem, Jr.
"Thanks for all the great content on Filmskills. I have never come a cross anything like it, it’s truly amazing stuff!"
Roger Jonsson
"…the breadth and depth of the learning experience placed on this site for most all of the areas of film making are staggering."
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Used in over 70 Film Schools

FilmSkills is used in the best film schools in the world, and now this same world-class training can be yours.

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