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You've probably come here looking for the film industry's best video tutorials. Well, you've found them... and whole lot more. Welcome to FilmSkills Academic.

Bridging Your Classroom to the Industry

Teaching film and media is hard. As instructors we never seem to have enough time or resources to fully engage our students. We get it… that’s why we built FilmSkills Academic.

FilmSkills Academic has partnered with industry-leaders to bring you an extensive online resource that combines in-depth videos based on industry best practices, constantly updated illustrated tutorials, downloadable resources, classroom exercises, and student assessment tools– all for the cost of a textbook.

300 Content Lessons

Shot on Hollywood sets, and featuring over 70 Academy Award and Emmy winning or nominated filmmakers, each lesson is packed with illustrated tutorials, downloadable files, and much more.

Powerful Teaching Tools

Mix and match lessons to build customizable classes, complete with group testing, auto-managing certification, and student management tools to improve engagement and learning outcomes.

Build Your Own Film School

FilmSkills's advanced platform lets you build your own brandable film school. Train your workforce, award certifications, build online courses, collect credit card payments, and even create your own lessons.

Students Love FilmSkills

“Overall these vides are very informative and, collectively, offer a far superior learning experience than plowing through a text book."
- Student
“It is much better than a textbook to teach the medium in a visual way. It’s great to see examples of the lessons through a camera rather than reading about what changing the aperture does to depth of field, for example, than seeing it as stills in print.”
- Student
“These videos teach everything that should be taught in the classroom that film professors may or may not have time to cover.”

So Simple. So Powerful.

From story development to distribution, FilmSkills Academic covers the entire filmmaking process. You don’t have to scour YouTube looking for quality content ever again!

Mix and match FilmSkills lessons to build a customized experience for each of your classes.

The lessons you choose plug-and-play perfectly unlocking everything from videos, written tutorials, tests, downloads, and exercises.

Advanced Classroom Management

FilmSkills provides powerful tools to help you deliver your curriculum and manage your students. From self-guided online courses to rich certification programs, FilmSkills can power your program, no matter its size.

FilmSkills Academic has been widely adopted by over 72 film schools

Learn How to Add FilmSkills To Your Curriculum

Over 80 schools and film commissions have used FilmSkills to enhance their curriculum and better prepare their students for a life in the film industry.  Learn how FilmSkills can enhance your curriculum.

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