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46 Tips to Writing Your Screenplay

The foundation of a good movie is a good script. The foundation of a good script is a good story.  The foundation of a good story is inspiration, research, and the ability to develop the idea into a commercially-viable product that audiences will want to see. While filmmaking is one of

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All New Screenwriting Lessons

I’m excited to announce the release of our all-new 25 lesson screenwriting series, where we tapped into the knowledge and experience of Academy Award and Emmy-winning filmmakers to guide you through the entire screenwriting process. Lessons: 25 core lessons, averaging 20 minutes per lesson Total Video Length: 8 hours Learn

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Announcing 20 All New Lessons

We are excited to announce a suite of 20 all new lessons -our best yet!! Each lesson is jam-packed with on-set video tutorials, written companion guides, downloadable files and quick-reference guides, and much more. You can access these new lessons in a number of ways: If you are a film

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New Cinematography Lessons

We are excited to announce an all new lesson, Imaging Sensor and ISO. The imaging sensor is the heart of the camera system. It converts light into the electrical signal that becomes the image we see on screen. But understanding how it works and its limitations will help you improve your

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New Lesson: Prepping the Camera

Getting prepped for a shoot is the first step in making sure your production goes smoothly. We met up with Drew Lauer, cinematographer and owner of Hollywood Special Ops. Drew has worked on over a hundred TV shows, and specializes in slow motion cinematography.  In this comprehensive tutorial, he takes

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How to Network in Hollywood

Let’s say you’re looking to hire a professional. Maybe it’s a doctor, or a plumber, or an auto mechanic. While you can certainly go online and search for someone, you’d probably feel much better getting a referral from a friend or family member. Working on a film project is no

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FilmSkills Powers State of Kentucky

We are excited to announce that FilmSkills is powering the State of Kentucky online film training program. Kentucky offers aggressive tax incentives for film production, making it one of the more affordable film production locations in the United States. Due to the growing number of films coming to the state,

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Coyote – the Story of Human Trafficking

Los Angeles-based director, Mark Grabianowski takes us behind the scenes of his new short film, Coyote.  Set deep in the heart of Mexico, Coyote is the story of human traffickers’ search for the disappearance of a young woman. What inspired this story? I have always been fascinated with the fact

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Film Commissions Are Your Friends

When a production company is looking for a city in which to shoot, there are several factors to consider. Permits, local laws regarding film production, tax incentives, and coordination between police, fire, and other city departments will affect the budget and shooting schedule. Because the production company may not be

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All New Film Marketing Classes

We are excited to announce the all new FilmSkills Film Marketing Course. We’ve assembled an all-star group of studio executives and marketing professionals to help you craft a powerful and effective marketing campaign for your movie. You’ve made your cinematic masterpiece, now what? One of the most secretive and difficult

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As expected, Spidey opened huge with $117M, kicking off a rebooted franchise in auspicious fashion. But how does its weekend gross compare to fellow superhero moneymakers, and could it have done better? Since its no surprise the webslinger had a fantastic opening weekend, let’s take a look at the numbers

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Screenwriting Master Class

Learn the complete, step-by-step process of writing a marketable Hollywood screenplay from successful, working writers.   Learn to write a script Hollywood will want to produce Every great movie is made from a great script. It doesn’t matter how big the budget gets, how authentic the actors perform, or how

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