Elevate Your Curriculum to the Next Level

Enhance your students’ learning experience with cutting edge content and powerful classroom management tools.

300+ Lessons

From story development to distribution, FilmSkills covers the entire filmmaking process from the big picture to the details. Mix and match the right lessons for each class.

Industry Leaders

Built in partnership with a dozen companies and 150 Hollywood filmmakers, who have been honored with over 70 Academy Award and Emmy wins or nominations.

Teaching Tools

Manage student rosters, create group tests, assign projects, build certifications, author your own content, build online courses, and engage students with robust teaching tools.

Going Where No Text Book Has Gone Before

Video-based tutorials let the students experience the filmmaking process. Jam packed with rich content, each lesson has been expertly tailored to provide students with a well-rounded perspective by showing… not telling them.


In-depth video tutorials shot on Hollywood sets feature Emmy and Academy Award winning and nominated filmmakers. Chapterized for easy access.


Packed with behind-the-scenes photos, anecdotes, and real-world tips and techniques, beautifully-illustrated articles bring difficult concepts to life.

Test Questions

Create customizable group tests in minutes and access our library of over 5,000 test questions, carefully written from the content in each lesson.


Students can download real documents from working TV and movie sets, plus hundreds of blank templates for use on their own productions.

Web Links

Students will discover the players in the industry from equipment vendors, staffing agencies, networks, studios, and production companies with our online resources.

Mix and Match Lessons to Build the Perfect Class

With over 270 lessons from which to choose, each instructor can build a custom learning path unique to his or her class. Lessons unlock a wealth of content and materials.

Classroom Support Tools

Engineered to provide flexible classroom management, FilmSkills Classes support your live classes. Simply choose your lessons, set the class dates, and enjoy the suite of tools at your fingertips.

  • Each class is self contained
  • Assign lessons on specific dates
  • Track how much of each video students watch
  • Class calendar to sync class events
  • Create and administer projects and exercises
  • Create flexible customizable tests
  • Integrated student and class grade books
  • Add class downloads and web links
  • Student assessment reports and tools
  • Class discussion forums and messaging

Includes 5000 Test Questions

You read that right. Our academic team scrutinized each lesson and wrote a library of test questions so you wouldn’t have to.  With our advanced testing tool, you can create and customize a test in under a minute.

  • Multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions
  • You have the option to filter out short answer questions
  • Tests are auto-graded for instant results
  • Set a test window, duration, and randomization options
  • Mix and match test questions from multiple lessons
  • Set the number of attempts and passing grade
  • Full reporting for class and individual student results
  • Grading tool to efficiently manage short answer questions
  • Perfect for large group instruction
  • Auto-notifications if a student has a problem during the test

Manage Grades, Effortlessly.

The feature-rich GradeBook automatically tracks student test results, attendance, project grades, and can be easily shared and synchronized with your fellow instructors.

  • GradeBook auto-records test results
  • Enter and manage your own grades
  • Track and monitor attendance
  • Set grade curves
  • Export grades to a spreadsheet
  • Class GradeBook and individual Student GradeBook
  • Record notes on student performance
  • Edit any student grade

Everything you just read is included in the

Basic Platform Plan

Single instructor account pre-loaded with 275 FilmSkills lessons
Build unlimited in-person classes
Create group tests from over 5000 test questions
Branded “FilmSkills Academic”
Classroom management tools
Hundreds of projects and exercises
Downloadable contracts and forms

Do you need more tools?

Upgrade to the Standard Platform Plan

which includes everything above, plus...

Powerful Authoring Tools

Author your own self-contained multimedia lessons, which you can share with other instructors to synchronize your curriculum. Mix and match lessons to build in-person classes or online courses specifically tailored to your students’ needs.

  • Full video hosting, editing, and preview editor lets you add videos to your lesson
  • Set video chapter markers for quick reference
  • Add interactive online PowerPoints
  • Add test questions
  • Create projects and exercises
  • Add links to online resources
  • Add files for your students to download
  • Control which instructors can use and edit each lesson

Build Certification Courses

Unlike FilmSkills Classes, which supports instructor-led classrooms, FilmSkills Courses are completely self-guided and require little-to no instructor interaction.

Students can join any time, and can learn anytime, anywhere. Simply choose your lessons, add tests and projects, set-up the certificate of completion, and invite your students.

  • Courses feature rolling enrollment, so the course access begins the day each student joins
  • Sell your courses for a profit or distribute them for free
  • Courses are self-guided and students can take them anytime, anywhere.​
  • Add certification with auto-generated, customizable certificates
  • Add testing and projects to enhance learning
  • Set passing requirements
  • Versioning applies updates to new students without affecting current students
  • Thorough metrics and reporting tools

Student Management

All new tools make it easy to manage a roster of 10 or 10,000 students.  

  • Batch create student accounts yourself with only a name and e-mail address
  • One-click login for new students expedite the registration process
  • Assign students into groups, then easily assign groups to classes, courses, and certification programs
  • Auto-enroll student into any class or course
  • Manually reset student passwords
  • Log in to student accounts to troubleshoot


Integrated E-Commerce

Accept Credit Card Payments

Sell your classes and courses to students and keep 100% of the profits. You have your own credit card account and the revenue flows directly into your bank account - no middle man.

Accounting Manager

Manage your revenue with our robust, integrated accounting tool. Track which classes, courses, and lessons are selling best, and view your numbers at a glance.

Create Stunning
Certification Programs

Certification is a powerful tool to motivate your students to achieve, while adding value to your online courses.  Flexible certification programs enable you to create, manage, and and administer your certifications with easy and efficient.

  • Attach class performance to certification
  • Create a task list
  • Allow multiple certification administrators
  • Customize certificates with your logo
  • Set certification expiration date
  • Manage certifications through the Certification Database
  • Students can save and print certificates
  • Certificates have serial numbers to prevent fraud

Everything you just read is included in the

Standard Platform Plan

Includes everything in the Basic Academic Plan, plus…
Authoring tools to build your own lessons
Sharing tools to share lessons with fellow instructors
Build Online Certification Courses
Student Management to batch create and auto-enroll students
Integrated credit card processing to sell content at a profit
Complete accounting and revenue tool
Certification Manager to build and administer customizable certification programs

Do you want your own online academy?

Upgrade to Build Your Own Film School

which includes everything above, plus...

  • Fully brand your academy with a no-coding-needed Site Editor
  • Map your academy to your own URL
  • Create sub accounts for satellite locations
  • Network Share your content to other accounts to generate revenue

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