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Each lesson is packed with on-set video tutorials taught by Oscar and Emmy-winning filmmakers, illustrated articles, hundreds of downloadable forms, online resources, and much, much more.

Video Tutorials

Experience every part of the filmmaking process through engaging on-set video tutorials shot on working sets.


Supplement videos with thousands of illustrated articles on nearly every facet of the filmmaking process.


Download hundreds of real documents from top TV shows and movies, as well as blank templates you can use on your own productions.

Web Links

Connect with industry leading production companies, job boards, vendors, rental facilities, and online resources.

Screenwriting and Development
46 Lessons

This series of lessons focuses on the beginning of the filmmaking process, including a step-by-step approach to breaking into the industry, writing a screenplay, and using Final Draft software.

A script then moves into a development phase. Learn how the studios work, and the path towards green lighting a script for production.

Pre Production
60 Lessons
110 Lessons

Once you start shoot, you’re officially in production. This series of lessons teach you everything you need about how to run a set, direct the cast and crew, light each shot, overall camera functions, grip and rigging techniques, and even documentary and safety training.

Post Production
27 Lessons
Marketing & Distribution
14 Lessons

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